48V20Ah 電気スクーター用標準電池パックは産業革新賞を受けた

1.      アミタテックの2011年に受賞したリチウムイオンポリマー電池のセルの技術で

The cycle life and temperature resistance capabilities exceed those of the world-class A123 LiFePO4 batteries.

2.       The inner and outer shells of the battery pack features a one-piece design and are patented with aluminum extrusions that have a multi-fin heat dissipation structure.

3.       Designed with the “environmental three Rs” in mind:Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Our company goal of environmental protection is achieved and the cost- effectiveness value of the battery pack is significantly enhanced.

A.      Reduce (Increased cycle life)

The cost performance of Amita’s battery pack is 3-4 times higher than that of our competitors.

Under high temperature (55), cycle life > 1000 cycles

Under room temperature (25), cycle life > 2500 cycles

B. Reuse

Intellectual pluggable structure design: when full capacity decreases to 70% of our designed capacity, our battery pack can be converted into fix-mounted storage batteries to be effectively recycled; as a consequence, 20%~30% of its selling price can be retrieved.

C. Recycle

Our multi-string aluminum extrusion unit module design makes it easy for assembling and dismantling, as well as recycling and reuse. A 5~10% refund of the selling price is achievable when the used battery pack is recycled.

4. Certifications: TESULSBA